Dynamic Song-Blending Performance

JBL 2000W Elevated Pro Audio Array (Incl. Sub, Console, Snake & Wireless Dynamic Mics)

Sound-Reactive LED Stage Lighting 

Crowd-Drawing MC/DJ Audience Engagement

10'x20' Outdoor Summer Canopy

Live Broadcasting Services (Plugs, Retention Incentives, Raffle-Draws, Song Dedication, Impromptu Birthday Serenade)

Success-Focused Approach Quality/Value/Timeliness/ROI


Paul -Vocals/Guitar

Brendan - Bass

Raff - Drums


Keyboard           Flute                 Cello                 Latin Percussion  Female Vocals


R&B Breakers        Salsa Latin Couple


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4 Genres...






'Live & Versatile...'

Everyone's Invited!

Audience Interactive ~ Dance ~ Mash-up!

- Tell a friend, we'll do it again...

                                                                                         Our Mission

To provide a unique and complete entertainment package of live music, dancers, audience engagement, DJ/MC services, pro-sound and lighting equipment for all  occasions, at any venue, at any scale.                                                                

Our Vision 

We adapt our knowledge, experience & resources to deliver quality entertainment services to your event, while giving your guests the experience of a life time.


Who We Are

 From Toronto, PHUSION is an exciting Canadian group that specializes in performing audience-engaged live music delivered in multiple genres. Topped with jump-up energy, PHUSION is the only Trio in Toronto that entertains in every variation of R&B, Reggae, Latin and Jazz.

This 'musically agile' group is known for transforming these genres into the songs you know at any moment, while blending each song seamlessly into the next song LIVE (just like a DJ)! 

Our audiences are enamored with the exhilaration of seeing and hearing this rare and unique approach to entertainment come alive every time PHUSION performs, and so will you.


'Versatile In Any Style...'



 Audience Testimonials


"PHUSION is a must-have at any social event. 
       These guys are awesome and will have everyone up and dancing!"                                                                  - Brigitte  
 "I've had the opportunity to enjoy phusion's live music on several occasions.  I've seen them adapt to the crowd so that they deliver the right genre, the right volume, and the right level of audience engagment for those in attendance.  I recommend hiring phusion for any event you host in the future." 
                                                         - Norman 

 "I can honestly say that I was a witness to one of the greatest PHUSION events I've ever been to so far.  Performing all night with audience participation put the cherry on top. They were great!"
                                                  - Dave 


Paul, my goodness.... We should thank you and your group!!!  You put the cherry on top to a wonderfully fun-filled party with our friends and family! Everyone hasn't stopped talking about you guys!                 Much love!!!   :) - Our warmest thanks! 
                                           - Vivian


A big thank you to Paul David for bringing Phusion to the dance-floor/deck.  You made a cold night steamy       -   Alexis

It was the best live band performance ever!  Paul, you and your buddies showed us a unique way to spin up the crowd: Was there a single person at the party who was not dancing?       - Leo 


~ Thank You for Supporting Live-Music in Toronto ~

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